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Come celebrate NEW YEAR’S EVE in Barbados…ring in the New Year on this gorgeous tropical Caribbean island, and be part of the festive activities, events and awesome New Year’s Eve parties.

This special night is locally called “OLD YEAR’S NIGHT”, and like most other countries around the world, New Year’s Eve Night is a blast, but in Barbados you get the opportunity to soak up the warm sunshine, enjoy the beautiful beaches, and take in the traditions and customs of the friendly people of this island.

During the Christmas break and New Years period is the peak of the tourist season in Barbados, making it a favourite time for travelers and tourist to visit the island. As one of the top Caribbean destinations for New Year’s breaks, it also tends to attract the rich and famous and is a popular New Year’s Eve spot for celebrities.    

In Barbados New Years Eve Celebrations are varied and filled with vibrant cultural events in a festive party atmosphere. However, many Bajans do go to church first for Midnight Mass on New Year’s Eve, and later on to a house party or two to socialize with friends and family.

Some couples use this opportunity to rekindle their romance by taking advantage of the Dinner Specials offered at many restaurants, and going out on intimate evening dinners, then on to a beach to watch the New Years Eve Fireworks in Barbados, and maybe then to a hotel. Other locals and visitors also dine first, go out for drinks after, or maybe bar-hop, and then choose one of the New Year’s Eve Parties to enjoy the fireworks and dance the night away until morning.

After a night of partying and hanging out with friends, it’s time to head to a beach on the east coast to watch the sunrise, where you can meet up with friends who might have celebrated Old Year’s Night at different venues or locations. Breakfast specials are available  at some restaurants for all the party goers.

A tropical NEW YEARS DAY in Barbados is a perfect way to kick off your New Year on a relaxed and happy vibe. Although a bit low-keyed because most people are recovering from the night before, it is a popular day for the beach or a picnic excursion. Some locals and celebrity visitors who might have rented a vacation beach house, a seaside villa or some other beachfront holiday rental for their Old Year’s Night celebration, usually use New Year’s Day to host limes, barbeques or dinner parties.

2017 Old Years Night/New Year’s Eve Celebrations in Barbados
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New Year’s Eve/Old Year’s Night Fireworks Display Locations/Venues

Best Lookout Points & Vantage Spots for Old Year’s Night Fireworks Displays
(from Hastings, Christ Church to Folkestone/Porters area, St James)

Here are some ways to celebrate Old Year's Night & New Year's Day 
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Have an enjoyable time at your Old Year’s Night & New Year’s Day activities in Barbados
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Wishing you a Happy & Prosperous New Year in the Caribbean


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