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SunTours Barbados Welcome to SUNTOURS BARBADOS, the leading Transportation & Tour Company in the Caribbean. (Formerly Johnson's Tour

With over 140 years in the Tour Operator business, Suntours Barbados have perfected the art of providing excellent service, while boasting a very high level of customer satisfaction throughout the years.

Both cruise ship passengers and long-stay visitors have enjoyed Suntours’ wide range of Sightseeing Island Tours to exciting places of interest around the Barbados.

Transfers are available to and from the Sea Port/Cruise Terminal and the Airport through a 24HR, all year round, luxury and professional Taxi Service. 

When it comes to Dependability SunTours Barbados is #1

SUNTOURS BARBADOS Island Tours offered:

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SunTours Barbados Services:

SunTours Barbados Fleet of Vehicles:

All of our vehicles are exceptionally well maintained, and prepared to the highest standards of cleanliness.

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Weekly Tours

Monday Scenic Guided Island Tours
Today you can Book our:
- "Historical Buildings Tour"
- "Picture Perfect Tour"
Tuesday Scenic Guided Island Tours
Choose from our:
- "Cave & Critters Tour"
- "Picture Perfect Tour"
- "Historical Buildings Of Barbados Tour"
Wednesday Scenic Guided Island Tours
Today you can try our popular:
- "Beauty of Barbados Tour"
- "Picture Perfect Tour"
Thursday Scenic Guided Island Tours
Join us today on our:
- "Made in Barbados Tour"
- "Historical Buildings Tour"
- "Picture Perfect Tour"
- "World Heritage Site Historical Tour"
- "Cave & Critters Tour"
- "World Heritage Site Historical Tour"
Friday Scenic Guided Island Tours
Today is our: - "Picture Perfect Tour"
- "Oistins Fish Fry Tour" Today
Saturday Scenic Guided Island Tours
Try our: - "Cave & Critters Tour"
- "Picture Perfect Tour" Today
Sunday Scenic Guided Island Tours
- "Picture Perfect Tour"
- "Beauty of Barbados Tour"

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