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Come join ALL STARS CALYPSO TENT in Barbados (formerly Conquerors Tent) for the ultimate experience in calypso music and Caribbean Kaiso and Soca.

Annually, All Stars Tent provides Bajans with the best in Social Commentary and Party Music for the Crop Over Festival in Barbados. 

All Stars Calypso Tent emerged when two tents clashed namely Conquerors Calypso Tent and Klass Kaiso. The synergy was so great further discussion and deliberation brought this show to fruition. 

The tent was originally managed by Mr Vere Browne with other directors on board. Ian Estwick, Cicely Spencer-Cross, John King, Elson Harewood and Eleanor Rice.

In 2008 Eleanor Rice took over the reigns and has managed with her own unique style since then. With that change of management came lots of additions and innovation for the calypsonians, care and dedication to the calypso artform. In the first year of management Adrian Clarke took the 2008 title of Calypso King. This was the first year the show was being held at Kensington Oval.

Over the years All Stars has consistently been represented at the Pic-o-De-Crop Semi-finals and Finals. Sending as many as seven (7) into the Semi-finals and five into the Finals. 

In 2014 a dramatic change of calypsonians saw that change as being a positive move and again six (6) calypsonians excelled and represented at the Pic-o-de-Crop Semi-finals. Of these six David ‘Kid Site’ Piggott, Ronnie ‘De Announcer’ Clarke, Aziza Clarke, Miguel White, Anique ‘Cher’ Herbert and Donella Weekes. The latter two gracing the semis stage for the first time.

Cave Shepherd All Stars Calypso Tent 2017
…Miss it and Blame yuhself!

Cave Shepherd All Stars is back for 2016 and ready to share sweet calypso with you once again.

This Crop Over Festival Season, come hear Cave Shepherd All Stars 2017 Calypso Tent with its ALL-STAR CAST

Opening every weekend from SUN JUNE 18th with the All Stars OPENING NIGHT SHOW Solidarity House (BWU), Harmony Hall, St Michael - 6pm!!!! 

Check out All Stars Tent 2017 scheduled Dates & Calendar of Events!!! 

All Stars Tent 2017 Line up ( be confirmed) 
  • David "Kid Site" Piggott
  • Ronnie "De Announcer" Clarke
  • Jude "Hee Haw" Clarke
  • Miguel "Miguel" White
  • Shawn "Shawnie" Barrow
  • "Donella Weekes"
  • "Richard Antonio"
  • Khadijah "Dijah" Moseley
  • "Daba"
  • "Aziza"
  • "Coin Spencer"
  • "Jael"
  • "Adella"
  • "Charisma"
  • "Ishaka"
  • "Kinky Star"

Look out for Guest appearances

MC - Jennifer Walker and De Queen (Eric Lewis)

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All Stars Tent Weekly Shows & Events

Saturday Witness the best in Social Commentary and Party Music for the Crop Over Festival season.
Every Weekend from June 6th until July

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