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Join us at DeAction BARBADOS WATERMAN FESTIVAL as we celebrate the island’s rich beach culture, through a wide range of watersports disciplines and social events.

This watersports festival is organized by Brian “Irie Man” Talma (aka “deAction Man”), a former professional world ranking Windsurfer and watersports/beach culture activist.

The Festival was createdby Brian to merge the fishing culture with the surfing culture to form one culture …the beach culture!  

De Action Beach Waterman Festival is held on the south coast of Barbados at the Silver Sands Beach (aka ‘Silver Rock’, ‘Round Rock’ orDe Action Beach’), the number one spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing on the island.

This event annually attract participants from throughout the Caribbean and worldwide.
deAction Waterman Beach Festival
The Beach Culture World Championship Tour 2016

Brian played an major role in bringing the prestigious Professional Windsurfing Association World Cup and the Gran Prix Windsurfing events to Silver Sands. He began hosting his own event, the annual Waterman Festival, in 2000.

The event attracts spectators and media alike to deAction Beach to witness the competitions in windsurfing, surfing, stand up paddling and kiteboarding, beach cricket, swimming and conch shell blowing. Brian also invites professional Waterman personalities from across the globe to be a part of the entertainment package to showcase action sports.

deAction Waterman Festival is a celebration of Brian Talma, deAction man’s authentic Beach Culture.

The Beach Culture World Tour is an all you can eat buffet of surf, kitesurf, SUP, windsurf, art, music, ‘limin’ and water action that will have your jowls drooling for some liquid distraction. It travels across the world showcasing beach culture through a blend of competing, or promotional activities at events, the activities include beach art, music, and entertaining the spectators with conch shell blowing competitions.

First developed by Brian Talma in 1996, the Beach Culture World Tour shows off the unique lifestyle and competitive spirit of the pro action water sport community.   The waterman who has the most fun, is most entertaining and most inspiring emerges as the Champion.

Even though the Beach Culture World Tour is fun, it’s still a competitive environment where deAction Man entertains major pro athletes.

Talma has hosted the likes of Josh “Aloha Man” Stone and Diony Guadagnino. “People part of the Beach Culture World Tour…we have such high respect that we don’t tread on each others’ territory. We unite for the betterment of the vision…The goal is to take this concept of living on the beach and it’s also to motivate people to find their passion.” The Beach Culture World Tour has whet appetites for the beach action lifestyle around the world: Australia, England, across the Caribbean, South Africa, Hawaii, Germany, New York and Turkey.


“Like the ocean, it breaks on every continent, and feeds the hearts of hungry watermen and women across the globe. It knows no boundaries and follows no particular law. Just as wild and amped as the ocean, it’s the Beach Culture World Tour.”

deAction Waterman Festival of Events & Competitions

Duration: usually 2 Days
Month: February or March 

The Last Man Standing SUP Event
Includes a SUP wave event and 2-mile paddle event

The last man standing event is one of the most grueling SUP events in the world. Geared at challenging the paddler’s ability, competitors are forced to paddle against the wind, maneuver through choppy swells and even navigate through waves in the dark of night.

Starting at deAction Beach Shop at 6am
Heading up the South Coast towards the East coast of the island.
Competitors are required to paddle through the extremely choppy section from Bottom Bay to Ragged Point, know as “Last At Sea”.
Once past, “Ragged Point”, they must connect the dots to the Northern part of the island, entering “The Hell Gates” on the North Coast where there are cliffs, cranking waves and no sand beach to come in.

nce around “Hell Gates”, you enter “Garden of Eden”. The waves calm down in this section and the lush side of the island exposes itself.

Duration: usually 2 weeks
Month: October 


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Contact Info
Barbados Waterman Festival Beach Culture WorldTour
Silver Sands Beach
(aka Silver Rock or deAction Beach)
Silver Sands
Christ Church
Tel: (246) 428 2027 or 826 7087

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