On this page you will find Barbados Lighthouses which were instrumental in guiding ships to the island in years gone by.

Although most of them are not operational, these lighthouses do attract tourist, as most of them are home to magnificent views. The sites are open to visitors but the towers are closed, with many in need of restoration.

Before there was electric lighting, oil lamps were used with prisms creating the beam, and it was manually rotated by weights every few hours. The time between flashes indicated which lighthouse was being approached.

At the moment there is only one operational lighthouse, while some of the others have active lights that work occasionally. They are operated by the Barbados Port, Inc.

Below we've listed all four (4) Historic Lighthouses in Barbados.

East Point Lighthouse / Ragged Point Barbados Also known as Ragged Point Lighthouse.
Harrison Point Lighthouse Barbados One of Barbados? four lighthouses.
Needhams Point Lighthouse Barbados The second oldest but also the smallest of the lighthouses.
South Point Lighthouse Barbados The first lighthouse on the island and the only one in operation.