Ocean Views

On this page you can find breathtaking Ocean Views in Barbados, featuring, beautiful beaches, dramatic vistas, rugged shorelines and pounding surfs.

Barbados also boasts many scenic lookouts, secluded coves and sea cliffs, which also provide excellent ocean views.

The rugged coastline of the north, east and southeast coasts features amazing sunrises, and some of the best ocean views in Barbados, as they are all located on the Atlantic Ocean side of the island.

The west coast and parts of the north and south coasts are located on the Caribbean Sea side of the island, and are known for calm crystal clear waters and spectacular sunsets.

Below, our Sightseeing Guide have put together a list of scenic spots with the Best Ocean Views in Barbados and the Caribbean. .

Andromeda Botanic Gardens  Barbados This garden spreads over six acres of carefully landscaped grounds, lavishly coloured with blooms, orchids, exotics and shrubs.
Animal Flower Cave Barbados The island?s lone accessible sea-cave
Archer's Bay Barbados
Barclays Park Barbados
Bath Beach Barbados A Fun Beach and picnic spot for the family with facilities and a kids play park 
Bathsheba Beach Barbados Picturesque little fishing village and home of the Soup Bowl, the main surfing spot on the island
Bay Street Barbados This street connects the west coast to the south coast
Bayshore Complex Barbados This is a modern commercial beachfront complex, built on the original site of the old Lock Hospital and the old Harbour Police Station.
Beachy Head Bay Barbados
Bottom Bay Beach Barbados
Bridgetown Barbados Capital City Barbados The capital and main city with lots of historic landmarks
Carlisle Bay Barbados
Cattlewash Beach Barbados
Charles Fort Barbados
Conset Bay Barbados
Cotton House Bay Barbados
Cove Bay Barbados
Crane Beach Barbados
Culpepper Island Barbados This is an uninhabited island located on the eastern coastline
Daiquiri Beach Barbados
Dover Beach Barbados Just at the southern end of the St. Lawrence Gap 'strip' is Dover Beach, a popular beach among south coast visitors. Medium waves and a number of facilities right close by add to its appeal.
Drill Hall Beach Barbados
East Point Lighthouse / Ragged Point Barbados Also known as Ragged Point Lighthouse.
Enterprise Beach / Miami Beach Barbados
Farley Hill National Park Barbados With its stunning panoramic view of the east coast, the Farley Hill National Park is the site where a magnificent great house once stood.
Fitts Village Beach Barbados
Folkestone Beach Barbados
Folkestone Marine Park & Museum Barbados
Foul Bay Barbados
Freights Bay Barbados
Freshwater Bay Barbados
Gibbs Beach Barbados
Ginger Bay Barbados
Godings Bay Barbados
Golden Sands Beach Barbados
Good Shepherd Beach Barbados
Grand Jete Statue Barbados A life-size bronze of British Ballet Dancer David Wall, located in the lush garden of The Crane Resort
Graves End Beach Barbados
Harrismith Beach Barbados
Hastings Rocks Beach & Boardwalk Barbados
Heywoods Beach Barbados
Holetown Beach Barbados
Independence Square Barbados
Kentucky Beach Barbados
Kings Beach Barbados
Little Bay Barbados
Long Bay Barbados
Long Beach Barbados
Mahogany Bay Barbados
Martin's Bay Barbados
Maxwell Beach Barbados
Maycock's Bay Barbados
Mount Hillaby Barbados This is the highest point on the island
Mullins Bay Beach Barbados
Needham's Point  Barbados
North Point Cove Barbados
Oistins Beach Barbados
Old Eye Hospital Building Barbados This building was originally military offices and housed the old eye hospital ward.
Palm Beach Barbados
Palmetto Bay Barbados
Paradise Beach Barbados
Paynes Bay Beach Barbados
Pebbles Beach Barbados
Pile Bay Beach Barbados
Prospect Beach Barbados
Ragged Point Barbados
Rainbow Beach Barbados
Rendezvous Beach Barbados
Rescue Beach / Surfer's Bay Barbados
River Bay Barbados
Sam Lord's Castle Barbados
Sandy Lane Bay Beach Barbados
Shark's Hole Bay Barbados
Silver Sands Beach / Silver Rock Beach Barbados
Six Men's Bay Barbados
Skeete's Bay Barbados
South Point Beach Barbados
Speightstown Bay Barbados
St Alban's Beach Barbados
St. Lawrence Bay Beach Barbados
Surfer's Point Beach Barbados
Tent Bay Barbados
Treasure Beach Barbados
Trents Beach Barbados
Trevor's Way Barbados A park-like walkway in beautifully manicured gardens against an ocean view backdrop, located in the city. 
Turtle Beach Barbados
Vauxhall Beach  Barbados
Welches Beach Barbados
Weston Beach Barbados
Wickham & Lewis Bridgetown Boardwalk Barbados The Bridgetown Boardwalk is located along the careenage and overlooks the Constitution River.
Worthing Beach Barbados