Picnic Spots

Accra Beach / Rockley Beach Barbados One of the more popular beaches on the south coast with facilities, watersports and kids playpark
Archer's Bay Barbados
Barclays Park Barbados
Bath Beach Barbados A Fun Beach and picnic spot for the family with facilities and a kids play park 
Bathsheba Beach Barbados Picturesque little fishing village and home of the Soup Bowl, the main surfing spot on the island
Batts Rock Beach Barbados
Bay Street Barbados This street connects the west coast to the south coast
Brandons Beach Barbados
Browne's Beach Barbados
Carlisle Bay Barbados
Cattlewash Beach Barbados
Cove Bay Barbados
Daiquiri Beach Barbados
Drill Hall Beach Barbados
Enterprise Beach / Miami Beach Barbados
Farley Hill National Park Barbados With its stunning panoramic view of the east coast, the Farley Hill National Park is the site where a magnificent great house once stood.
Fitts Village Beach Barbados
Folkestone Beach Barbados
Folkestone Marine Park & Museum Barbados
Foul Bay Barbados
King George V Memorial Park Barbados A popular picnic spot for most locals on weekends and public holidays
Maxwell Beach Barbados
Needham's Point  Barbados
Pebbles Beach Barbados
Queens Park Barbados Originally a military home
River Bay Barbados
Silver Sands Beach / Silver Rock Beach Barbados
The Garrison Savannah Barbados The oldest operating horce race track in the Caribbean, and a former military parade ground and a recreational area for soldiers during the 18th century
Three Houses National Park Barbados This is a popular park and has a spring with a natural pool where locals swim and can sometimes be seen fishing
Welchman Hall Gully Barbados Experience a cool green jungle walk, through a deep gully filled with hundreds of exotic trees and plants, including an orchard and nutmeg species.