Barclays Park

The picturesque Barclays Park in Barbados is a popular spot for outings with a long beautiful beach and offers an awesome photo opportunity. 

The beach at Barclays Park has very rough sea conditions with large waves, strong currents, lots of undertow and is not well-suited for swimming. However there are a few natural pools formed in the reef close to shore. 

The park area here is a favourite with locals for picnics, and with tour operators as a stop-off on the island tour circuit. It extends from beachside, where you will find the public facilities, to across the roadway onto a hillside of tree-shade, picnic tables and benches. 

The scenic Barclays Park was donated to the Government of Barbados by Barclays Bank to commemorate the Independence of the country, and was opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1966. 

As one of the more scenic spots on the island, this area boast a breathtaking view of the crashing waves along the rugged coastline, while inland offers a dramatic view of majestic hills and jagged cliffs. 

Barclays Park can be found on the Atlantic side of the island on the East Coast of Barbados in the parish of St Andrew. 

Public Access to beach
Vehicular and pedestrian access

Crowd during the week
Usually small (becomes a bit busy on evenings with local joggers and walkers)

Crowd on weekends
Medium to large (medium on weekends and Large on public holidays)

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Seasonal weather can cause a change in conditions

Swimming in natural pools / Surfing / Fishing / Walking / Jogging / Sun Tanning
Watersports in Barbados


Lifeguard Facilities Beach Rentals Vendors Benches Play Park Parking
N/A Yes N/A N/A Yes N/A Yes

Facilities usually includes: Showers / Toilets / Changing areas

Wheelchair Access Phone Booth Rangers Picnic Tables Hair Braiding Shaded Areas
N/A Yes N/A Yes N/A Yes


Contact Info
Barclays Park
St Andrew

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