Baxters Road

Visit BAXTER'S ROAD when in Barbados …the street that never sleeps, and a favourite nightspot with both locals and tourist.

Located just on the outskirt of the historic bridgetown, is this popular late night strip, and great place to eat, drink and have a good time.

As one of the many nightlife areas in Barbados, Baxters Road boast the most authentic Bajan experience in a atmosphere that is perfect for socializing and partying.

This area is filled with historical value, featuring many buildings with architecture of yesteryear. Some visitors from United States have compared it to New Orleans back-in-the-day.

Baxters Road is the late-night spot many locals visit for a bite to eat, after a night of partying.

Baxters Road in Barbados ...the Street that has it all…

Baxters Road By Day

Baxters Road By Night/Nightlife

Baxter’s Road Fish Fry Village
This is where you go to have a true Bajan experience and to sample an array of mouth-watering local delicacies, all prepared in Cold Pots over open flames by street vendors.   

Baxters Road Fish Fry Village is made up of a number of stalls/kiosk serving both grilled and fried fish with a variety of sides like chips/fries, macaroni pie, rice, salads & vegetables.

Things heat from around 8pm.

At Baxters Road you are not only limited to fish, there are other eateries serving bajan cutters,  barbecue and fried chicken with a range of sides, as well as other dishes from Jamaica, Trinidad and Guyana.

One of the oldest establishments on on this stretch is the Pink Star Bar. This is a favourite stop for locals and a great place to hang out for drinks and food.

Pick Star is internationally known for its fried chicken, gizzard cutters and liver cutters. Usually open until daybreak.

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