Cove Bay

The stunning Cove Bay, also called “Gay’s Cove” is set against a backdrop of jagged cliffs, while being one of the most beautiful coves on the island and an excellent spot for photos and picnics.

Cove Bay is known for its rugged cliffs and vantage point with a magnificent view of the northern coastline’s crashing waves. Although not considered a swimming beach because of the pounding surf, below you can swim in the natural pools at low tide.

The area has a feel of tranquility to it, boasting an incredible cliff-top scenery, a calming breeze with rolling fields of swaying grass and trees for shade.

Next to this gorgeous bay is the 240ft high Pico Teneriffe perched at the top of an adjacent cliff.

Cove Bay can be found on the North-east Coast of Barbados which is on the Atlantic Ocean side of the island.

Public Access to beach
Vehicular and pedestrian access
(This area is a bit difficult to reach, requires some off-road travel)

Crowd during the week
Empty to small

Crowd on weekends

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To the north is Little Bay

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: Seasonal weather can cause a change in conditions


Some swimming in natural pools / Surfing / Walking / Jogging / Sun Tanning
Watersports in Barbados


Lifeguard Facilities Beach Rentals Vendors Benches Play Park Parking

Facilities usually includes: Showers / Toilets / Changing areas

Wheelchair Access Phone Booth Rangers Picnic Tables Hair Braiding Shaded Areas
N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Yes


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Cove Bay
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