Oistins Town & Fishing Village

The historic OISTINS TOWN in Barbados, originally called Austin's Bay and later named after Edward Oistine, a plantation owner from the area, is a small seaside town and the main fishing village on the island.

The Treaty of Oistins
After the execution of King Charles I in 1649, Barbados declined to acknowledge the dictatorship of Oliver Cromwell and his commonwealth parliament. This resulted in six months of resistance to Cromwell's fleet in 1651, which led to the signing of the 'Articles of agreement' in a Tavern called the 'Ye Mermaid's Inn' in Oistin's town on January 11th 1652, forming the Barbados Parliament. This was later acknowledged as the Charter of Barbados by the Parliament in England, ending the civil war between the Barbados Royalist and t Parliamentary Forces. The Barbados Parliament is third oldest Parliament in the world. It follows the British House of Commons and the Bermuda House of Assembly.

In recent times Oistin's Town have become a popular tourist hangout and one of the more happening nightspots with the Oistin's Fish Fry and entertainment on weekends.

During the day you can see the local fishermen bringing ashore the day's catch and fish vendors hard at work in the Oistins Fish Market boning and scaling the fish preparing them to be sold. You might even see some boat building and repairs in this area. Sometimes at the Oistins Jetty, Turtles swim in next to the fishing boats hoping to be fed.

The many friendly Fisher folks in Oistins fishing village are always willing to share generations of stories, fish tales, knowledge and skill passed on by their forefathers. You can even try your hand at fish-boning or scaling, some fishermen take you out for a small fee to see them practice their craft and maybe see a live flying fish in flight.

Oistin Town is located on the south coast of Barbados in the parish of Christ Church. While here you can enjoy a variety of shopping options, accommodations to suit all, great restaurants and nice beaches.

It is also home to the Oistins Fish FestivalOistin's Bay Garden and houses an ice factory on the fishing complex.

This town was formerly the location for:
- The Christ Church Hospital
- Barbados Coast Guard Station
- The off-shore landing for ships dilivering fossils fuels into the island

When in Oistins check out Oistins Beach

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Oistins Town & Fishing Village in Barbados

Travel south on Highway 7

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Oistins Town & Fishing Village
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