Surfer's Point Beach

Surfer's Point Beach At Surfer’s Point Beach in Barbados you will witness a piece of paradise in the unspolt beauty of this popular south coast surfing spot. 

This beach here is made up of a number of tiny bays and is also known locally as Inch Marlow Beach and Kayakers Point.

The sea conditions at Surfer’s Point vary with each bay, featuring from calm waters to choppy waters. There are also some natural rock pools for kids to enjoy.

This entire area has a rustic tropical feel to it, and offers the perfect atmosphere for enjoying the ocean view and gorgeous sunsets this beach is known for. These waters also have the occasional sea turtle sighting.

Surfer’s Point beach attracts many types of surfers, ranging from board surfers to kite surfers, as well as a number of kayakers. There’s also some beach activity from fishermen.

On the beachfront there is Surfer's Point Surf Shop & Zeds Surfing Adventures & Surf School providing surf lessons, surf tours and surfboard rentals.

For food and drinks there is the Surfer's Point Bar & Grill, and for those looking for surfing holidays there is the Surfer’s Point Beachfront Apartments & Guest House.

Surfer’s Point Beach/Inch Marlow Beach can be found on the Atlantic Ocean side of the island, on the South Coast of Barbados in the parish of Christ Church.

Public Access to beach:
Vehicular & Pedestrian access

Crowd during the week
small (activity from surfers)

Crowd on weekends
Medium (activity from surfers)

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Located to the northeast is Long Beach 

To the southwest is Silver Sands Beach

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Note: Seasonal weather can cause a change in conditions

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Lifeguard Facilities Beach Rentals Vendors Benches Play Park Parking
N/A shower N/A N/A Yes N/A Yes

Facilities usually includes: Showers / Toilets / Changing areas

Wheelchair Access Phone Booth Rangers Picnic Tables Hair Braiding Shaded Areas
Yes N/A N/A N/A N/A Yes


Contact Info
Surfer's Point Beach
Inch Marlow
Christ Church

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