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iscover Barbados at your own pace. Barbados is an easy going island and 'bajans' are very friendly people. Finding your way around is quite easy but should you need assistance along the way there's always a kind person 'around the next corner.'

There are a variety of Rentals available to suit your needs and budget. Fun mini-mokes, scooters, which some say are the best way to see the island, or even fully loaded luxury vehicles.

Nature lovers can see the real Barbados on a cool morning hike and learn interesting tit bits from the very knowledgeable guides.

There is plenty of sightseeing to do in Barbados for such a small island. Every coastline is different from the next and there is as much inland as there is on the beautiful coasts to see. Remember though that there is more to us than sea and sun. Barbados is rich in culture and heritage, so don't forget to visit one of the many beautiful old houses or perhaps tour a rum refinery or pottery.

A 'must do' on your tour is a stop at one of the many rum shops that dot the island, to hear a lively discussion on cricket, politics or just whatever is happening in Barbados. There are also plenty of activities both day and night from land and watersports to buzzing nightlife.

Once you've booked yourself a rental of your choice, get a copy of the map and have fun exploring and enjoying Barbados.

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