Swimming with Turtles


When visiting the Caribbean, Swimming with Sea Turtles in Barbados is a must do on your tropical island vacations.

Rated as one of the top five destinations in the world to swim with turtles, you are almost guaranteed the best Sea Turtle Encounters & Excursions to create an unforgettable experience at sea in Barbados.

Whether Swimming, Scuba Diving or Snorkelling with the Turtles, it will be a life changing opportunity to see, touch and feed these rare and protected sea creatures up close and intimate.

What Types of Sea Turtles can be found in Barbados waters?
In the warm crystal clear turquoise waters of Barbados you will find the Hawksbill Sea Turtle, the Green Sea Turtle and the Leatherback Sea Turtle. With only seven species of sea turtles existing in the world today, Barbados is very fortunate to have three of them living in its waters and making it their home.

How and where can you take a swim with the turtles?
Barbados is now viewed as a tourist destination where visitors are highly expected to view marine turtles on either the beach or at sea, something that very few countries in the Caribbean or the world can offer.

The calm warm waters of the Caribbean Sea on parts of the south and west coast of Barbados, tends to attract these marine turtles for feeding and nesting.

Visitors are more likely to see Hawksbill turtles on a scuba dive, while Green turtles are likely to be seen on a boat tour visiting one of the Swim-with-the-Turtles sites.

The best ways for guaranteed Sea Turtle Sightings in Barbados is through scuba diving, snorkel trips and a range of boat rides with snorkel inclusive activities.

Here is a list of Tour Operators, Dive Shops, Catamaran Sailing Cruises and Boat Trips offering Swimming with Sea Turtle Adventure Packages, on a variety of Shore Excursions and Sea Tours.

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      Preservation of Barbados Sea Turtles
      Once endangered by over-fishing, the hawksbill and leatherback turtles of Barbados are now safe under the protection of the Barbados Sea Turtle Project (BSTP), which is responsible for restoring the marine turtle populations.

      Through the use of scientific conservation and monitoring programmes, measures have been put in place to protect the nest of these fascinating creatures, and laws have been implemented to stop the killing, harming or fishing of sea turtles.

      Barbados Sea Turtle Nesting and Hatching Sightings
      This island has the second largest Hawksbill turtle nesting population in the Cariibbean, with approx. 500 females nesting annually between May to October, at many beaches along the coastline of the south and west coast.

      In Barbados the hatching season for Hawksbill turtles starts around July and ends in October, with hatchlings making their way to the sea usually between 6pm to 6am.

      Sea turtles are now a main tourist attraction for those vacationing in Barbados, with visitors likely to see at least one Hawksbill turtle nesting during their stay on the west and south coast.

      Barbados Sea Turtle Project (BSTP)
      Hotline: (246) 230 0142