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The PELICAN VILLAGE CRAFT CENTRE ESTATE in Barbados is the largest modern facility dedicated to the arts and crafts in the Caribbean.

It is conveniently located in close proximity to the Bridgetown Cruise Terminal/Port and on the outskirts of Bridgetown the capital and main commercial area.

At Pelican Craft Centre you will find a wide variety of genuine one of kind creations designed and locally made by skilled craftsmen in Barbados and the Caribbean.

The local craft work is created from the island’s natural resources when it is available. Materials include leather, bamboo, mahogany wood, clay, grass, pandanus, shells and palm leaves.

History of Pelican Village & Craft Centre
Pelican Village was originally opened in 1964 and was named after Pelican Island, a little island which was located just off Barbados and reclaimed from the sea. This is the land on which the Pelican Village was built.    

Pelican Island was an uninhabited island joined to Barbados when the Bridgetown Harbour was built. It was named after the Pelicans nesting in the area, and was home to a Quarantine facility which was used by ships for sick passengers and its crew.

Pelican Village was renovated and renamed Pelican Craft Centre in April 1999. 


The centre is divided into (2) sections; Retail shops and Workshops.


Types of Items on sale:

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Pelican Workshops & Studios are situated in Buildings no.2, no.3 and no.6 
Demonstrations in Studios by talented artisans for the following:

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Training Room (suitable for meetings, presentations, workshops and seminars)
Carpeted and air-conditioned facility located on the 2nd floor of Building #2 in the workshop area.
Room Size -   910sq. Ft
Rental (minimum of 1hr)

For further information on Rentals for Shops, Gallery & the Training room please contact:
The Barbados Investment & Development Corporation
'Pelican House', Princess Alice Highway,
PH: (246) 427 5350
FAX: (246) 426 7802

Pelican Entertainment

Pelican Dooflicky - a festive carnival-like cultural extravaganza filled with revelry and spectacular costumes. It is usually held on special occasions during the winter season and the crop over festival season.

The Pelican Lunchtime Dooflicky & Craft Market features:

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Shopping Activity

Monday OPEN: 9am - 6pm
Tuesday OPEN: 9am - 6pm
Wednesday OPEN: 9am - 6pm
Thursday OPEN: 9am - 6pm
Friday OPEN: 9am - 6pm
Saturday OPEN: from 9am

Barbados Art Hard Rule

Lots of great prices and specials on a wide variety of genuine one of kind creations designed and made locally

Credit Cards Accepted

Contact Info
Pelican Craft Centre & Village
C/O Barbados Investment & Development Corporation
'Pelican House', Princess Alice Highway
St Michael
Tel: (246) 427 5350
Fax: (246) 426 7802

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