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Cuisine: Bajan Delicacies, Local, Roti, Trinidadian, Jamaican, Guyanese, Jazz Bars and Clubs, Caribbean, Seafood, Vegetarian
Average Entree Price: US$20.00 (Bds$40.00)

The word N
aniki, an Arawak Indian word meaning 'spirited' or 'full of life' offers a new lease on the truly important things in life: health and tradition. The long and winding road with glimpses of old Barbadian architecture and verdant foliage and trees leads the way to Lush Life Nature Resort.

The menu offers a wide variety including a selection of vegetarian dishes that would tempt even the most stalwart carnivore. Lambie (Conch), Sea Egg and Crab Back offer the exotic slant to the tasty grilled or seared Fish Fillets, completing the sea food specialties. Our meats are grilled or baked to perfection and served with many different salad combinations and staples from our Caribbean region such as yam, sweet potato and breadfruit. Together with the famous Bajan corn meal cou cou, these delights make a new and interesting appearance through the use of modern gourmet cooking methods and are presented beautifully on well-designed platters that begin to satisfy the senses long before the first mouth-watering taste. On Sundays, we serve 'a taste of the Caribbean' buffet with all the frills including fresh flowers from our on-site anthuriums farm for the ladies when we say good bye. Our moonlight dinners fill the air with romance like no other and special live jazz performances is yours to savour from time to time. Weddings, anniversaries and special events hosted at Naniki will delight your guests.

The ambience of the restaurant is created naturally by the beauty of the landscape just beyond its walls which are made almost entirely of glass ? huge picture windows and sliding doors let the surrounding rolling hills, majestic stand of Cabbage Palms and the Atlantic Ocean pour into the room to fill you with a relaxed sense of exhilaration. The décor is exquisite: greenheart panels and beams, appamaat (wood from the Pink Poui tree) furnishings, and stone-like tiles predominate. Straw mats, clay pottery, colourful plates, wood sculptures, paintings and fresh anthuriums add pleasant detail.

Tom Hinds, the founder and owner, has always been inspired by any projects that involve the development of the environment as an attraction in its own right. It was entirely natural therefore, that his imagination and creativity would be stimulated by this extraordinary location. The next phase of Lush Life will be a Health Spa bearing the name Madinina, a word meaning 'Beautiful flower' given to the French island of Martinique by the Carib Indians. Ten cottages, grounds landscaped with fruit trees, ornamental plants, vegetable and herb gardens and nature trails will complete this truly sustainable Agro-Eco-Tourism Resort.

Please be reminded that this land with its trees and waters was in good care and enjoyed by those long before us and if we do a good job, we can save it for those to come long after. Naniki is all about the celebration of life and living it to the fullest.

Naniki Restaurant & Bar in Barbados
...the ultimate experience in an idyllic setting unlike anywhere on the island! 

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Naniki Restaurant
St. Joseph
Tel: (246) 433-1300
Fax: (246) 435-1414

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