Animal Flower Cave Barbados The island?s lone accessible sea-cave
Barclays Park Barbados
Church Village Green Park & Amphitheatre Barbados One of Bridgetown's recent restoration projects and a great place for outdoor events and to hang out.
Errol Barrow Park Barbados This community park is named after the first prime minister and the person who took the country into independence
Farley Hill National Park Barbados With its stunning panoramic view of the east coast, the Farley Hill National Park is the site where a magnificent great house once stood.
Flower Forest of Barbados Barbados
Folkestone Beach Barbados
Folkestone Marine Park & Museum Barbados
Foursquare Rum Factory & Heritage Park Barbados
Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary Barbados The last significant mangrove and sedge swamp on the island.
Harrison's Cave Barbados Barbados
Hastings Rocks Beach & Boardwalk Barbados
King George V Memorial Park Barbados A popular picnic spot for most locals on weekends and public holidays
Orchid World Barbados Barbados Visit this oasis of beauty and peace
Queens Park Barbados Originally a military home
The Garrison Savannah Barbados The oldest operating horce race track in the Caribbean, and a former military parade ground and a recreational area for soldiers during the 18th century
Three Houses National Park Barbados This is a popular park and has a spring with a natural pool where locals swim and can sometimes be seen fishing
Trevor's Way Barbados A park-like walkway in beautifully manicured gardens against an ocean view backdrop, located in the city. 
Turner's Hall Woods Barbados A 50 acre nature reserve & park used mainly for hiking
Welchman Hall Gully Barbados Experience a cool green jungle walk, through a deep gully filled with hundreds of exotic trees and plants, including an orchard and nutmeg species.