Barbados Wildlife Reserve Barbados A tropical haven of exotic animals, reptiles and birds.
Blackmans Gully & Bridge Barbados One of the island’s hidden secrets and oldest natural treasures.
Flower Forest of Barbados Barbados
Folkestone Marine Park & Museum Barbados
Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary Barbados The last significant mangrove and sedge swamp on the island.
Grenade Hall Forest & Signal Station Barbados One of the six signal stations placed around the island, after the major slave revolt in 1816.
Orchid World Barbados Barbados Visit this oasis of beauty and peace
Turner's Hall Woods Barbados A 50 acre nature reserve & park used mainly for hiking
Welchman Hall Gully Barbados Experience a cool green jungle walk, through a deep gully filled with hundreds of exotic trees and plants, including an orchard and nutmeg species.