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Hockey in Barbados

Fun Barbados: Hockey in Barbados

In recent years Barbados Hockey has been rapidly gaining popularity and is expected to remain on that path.

FIELD HOCKEY in Barbados
This form of hockey started in Barbados sometime during the late 1950's with the Barbados Men's Hockey Association which later joined with the Barbados Women's Association to become the Barbados Hockey Federation (BHF).

To date there are about 13 local playing clubs and associations, with more than 500 hockey players which participate in the BHF League Competitions from May through to October with additional indoor, knock-out, six-a-side and school competitions. The (BHF) is also responsible for the annual Barbados International Hockey Festival which is one of the most popular tournaments on the island and is sponsored by Banks Breweries.

Barbados International Hockey Festival started in 1986 and attracts many local teams as well as teams from the UK, USA, South America and the Caribbean. It is also said to be the largest single International Hockey Event anywhere in the hemisphere.

For most visiting teams the Banks Hockey Festival is not just a fun and exciting tournament, but a mix of camaraderie from our local players and many festive entertaining events outside of hockey, as well as being embraced by the warm and friendly hospitality of Bajans.

So if hockey is your thing and you want to enjoy great international hockey, and have a good time while vacationing on a fun tropical island, then Barbados is the place to be.

The main Hockey venue in Barbados is the Astroturf field and stadium located at the Garfield Sobers Complex, Wildey, St Michael.

The governing body for Field Hockey in Barbados is the Barbados Hockey Federation Inc.

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Barbados Hockey Federation Inc. (BHF)


Fun Barbados: Hockey in Barbados Ball Hockey started in Barbados during 1999 under the umbrella of the Barbados Hockey League (BHL) by four Canadians living on the island, but later had to change its name to the Barbados Ball Hockey League (BBHL), because the acronym “BHL” was already being used by Banks Holdings Ltd.

In 2006 the Barbados Ball Hockey League (BBHL) was established and registered as a non-profit organisation, responsible for promoting the sport on the island. It is also recognized as the governing body for ball hockey in Barbados by the International Street & Ball Hockey Federation.

The Barbados Ball Hockey League has over 30 members, and meets once a week at either the National Insurance (NIS) overflow parking lot or the Sir Garfield Sobers Gymnasium, usually on Thursday nights at 8:30 pm.


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For Barbados Ball Hockey Information
CONTACT: Barbados Ball Hockey League (BBHL)


Barbados Field Hockey Clubs
(Participants in BHF's Domestic Season and Junior Club Tournaments)


Field Hockey Competitions/Leagues


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For more information on Field Hockey in Barbados
Barbados Hockey Federation Inc. (BHF)
C/O The Barbados Olympic Association Inc.
Olympic Centre, Garfield Sobers Sports Complex
Wildey, St. Michael, BB15094

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