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Come be part of our Guided Historic BRIDGETOWN HERITAGE TOURS, as we take you on a historical journey back to the 1600s in Barbados, when this world heritage site was chosen as a harbour by the early British settlers.  

Our entertaining and informative guided Tours of Historic Bridgetown are conducted by knowledgeable guides, and will not only educate you about the island’s rich history, but will also afford you the opportunity to visit many stately sights and sites in the Bridgetown area.

Although Barbados was inhabited by Amerindians and was known to the Spanish and Portuguese sailors’ pre-16th century, the British did not introduced themselves to the island until the 17th century. This happened when an English ship led by the Captain John Powell stopped off to explore the island in 1625. …More about Historic Bridgetown the capital  

Barbados Historic Bridgetown Tours
A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Historic Bridgetown World Heritage Site Tours in Barbados 

Historic Walking Tours of Bridgetown
See the Hucksters, Street Characters, Living Mannequins and our Historic streets and Buildings…

Join us for this interactive tour through Historic Bridgetown, learn the history of commerce and trade through the eyes of one of its very own. Our street seller or better known as “Huckster” tour guide takes you through the winding streets of this bustling port city. With historic characters dotted along the way, we tell the story of how Bridgetown from 1700s to the 1800s became the most important as well as wealthy port in the western hemisphere. 

Available: Thursdays & Saturdays ONLY - 9:30am & 11am 
(Available to Large Groups Daily - 10 & more persons))

RATE: US $25.00 (Adults)/ US$12.00 (Children 8 – 12years)
Group Rate: US $20.00 per person((4) or more persons)

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Include Visits to:

Here we introduce you to Bridgetown. Formerly known as Trafalgar Square, Heroes square from its earliest days was the main Centre of trade, commerce and gossip. Starting with the law of the land we give a brief history of Parliament and the Plantocracy of Barbados. See the living mannequin and hear about the figures who determined the bright future of the bustling city. From Parliament we take you to the square below and introduce to you the story of Admiral Lord Nelson, the battle of Trafalgar and his “travelling” statue. From the story of old the square we take you to the new and introduce you to the present Heroes square and our national heroes. Finally we show you to the sight of The Cage, a structure which harkens back to our history of slavery and plantation society.

Next we take you to Shepherd’s Gate also known as Rocker’s Alley. Here you meet the Singing minstrel and hear the stories of trade and traders both high and low; black, white and coloured. From the elite of Broad Street, to the raid on the Rastafarian community in Shepherd’s gate there is never a dull moment in this city.

From the main centre of commerce we travel to Swan Street, also known as Jew Street for its strong Jewish community. Meet a nut seller, sample her wares and hear the story of Swan street and its satellite alley Synagogue lane, once the social and residential centre for the largest Jewish community in the western hemisphere - Sephardic Jews fleeing persecution in North-Eastern Brazil. Then stop along the way at the Jewish Synagogue, centre for rabbinical scholarship in the New World and home to possibly some of the oldest known Jewish tombstones in the New World.

In what we like to call philanthropy square, you meet a freed slave and hear the story of emancipation while standing in the former home of the house of assembly, Codd’s house, where the act of emancipation was read. Then we share with you the history of Philanthropy in the city; the Montefiore fountain bringing clean water to masses and the Carnegie Free library a symbol of our literary tradition.

Outside of the Jewish immigrants over the course of Bridgetown’s history, the town and island hosted several waves of religious minority migrants such as the Quakers, Moravians and Methodists all preaching anti-slavery gospel and incurring the wrath of the ruling planter class. Here we introduce you to the most famous of this group, the Methodists and St. James Methodist Church. Hear the story of the Methodists, meet Barbados’ only female National Hero and celebrate the story of one women’s efforts to ensure Methodism triumphed over religious persecution.

We take you along Suttle Street one of the remaining streets still retaining Barbados’ huckster culture as well as easily visible symbol of Barbados serpentine streetscape, one that has not changed in almost 4 centuries. This fact helped Barbados to gain i’s UNESCO world heritage designation

This chapel of ease is located on one of the oldest consecrated grounds in the English America’s and served as the burial ground for Bridgetown’s coloured elite. Meet the ghost of Rachel Pringle, a famous free mulatto Hotelier, hear her story and the story of an Anglican church which stood at the forefront of the recognition of rights for its well to do coloured congregation and the city’s non-white population.

Bringing our market tour to a close we bring you to sight of the longest running market in the city. So named to celebrate queen Victoria’s golden jubilee in 1888 this hotpot of activity served as a market run predominantly by the city’s slave and free black population for over 100 years, thwarting every attempt by the authorities to shut it down. Also from this spot catch a glimpse of the places where many notable hotels of the city stood all of which were run by the free mulatto women of Bridgetown, see the beauty of these ladies brought to life through a living mannequin. Their hotels boasted such notable guests as Prince William Henry who would go to be King William IV of England.


Bridgetown Historical Walking Tour:
Flat trail, using mainly paved surfaces.

Include visits to:

Sundays at 3:30pm (Tour minimum – (10) persons)
Monday - Saturday at 7am (Tour minimum – (10) persons)   
(Available Daily to Groups over (10) persons at flexible times)

Group Rate: US $17.00 per person (Tour minimum – (10) persons)

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This package is available only at the Jolly Roger Tavern in Bridgetown
Bridgetown Historic Walking Tour Cruise Passenger Package (2HRs): US $50.00
- Walking tour
- Drink
- Lunch
- Transportation

- St. Mary's Church
- The Jewish Synagogue
- St. Michael's Cathedral
- Queens Park
- Parliament Buildings
- Heroes Square

Cruise Visitor Bridgetown Transfer Package:
US $15.00
Pick Up at Port: 9:30am  
Drop Off at Port: 3:30pm

- Roundtrip Transportation from the Bridgetown Cruise Terminal to Bridgetown
- (1) Welcome Drink at the Jolly Roger Tavern

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Bridgetown & its Garrison …A World Heritage Site!


Weekly Tours

Thursday Join us for this interactive tour through Historic Bridgetown
See the Hucksters, Street Characters, Living Mannequins and our Historic streets and Buildings.
Saturday Join us for this interactive tour through Historic Bridgetown
See the Hucksters, Street Characters, Living Mannequins and our Historic streets and Buildings.
Sunday Be part of this 2 1/2HR Walking Tour of Historic Bridgetown (Groups ONLY).

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