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arbados is not only an Island of great land activity, beautiful sites and beaches, its beauty extends beyond our beautiful land masses and into an underwater world of exotic and breathtaking marine life. It is the place to come to visit miles of coral reefs and wrecks, teaming with oceanic life.

An environment of artificial reefs made up of barrier type reefs and numerous wrecks, has made Barbados unique from other neighboring islands. The island has some beautiful coral reefs in shallow waters just off the beaches as well as wrecks to explore mainly on the west coast and some on the south coast.

While underwater you will be overwhelmed with the kaleidoscope of colourful ridges of coral and plant life from both the Atlantic and Caribbean marine life. Green turtles, French angel fish, Barracuda, varying species of Parrot fish are just a few of the species which can be seen.

There are many ways to enjoy the marine life. You don't have to be an expert to try diving; there are enough dive shops to satisfy the diver from beginners to the advanced. The choice of dive spots is vast and you may want to explore some of the several wrecks which can be found at Carlisle Bay, a natural harbour on the south west of the island and a wreck site unmatched by any in the Caribbean. The more adventurous divers will enjoy exploring the premier dive site in the Caribbean the S.S. Stavronikita.

Submersible tours are another great way to experience the beauty that can be found in the waters of Barbados. At 55 feet you view the beautiful coral reef and the abundance of marine life, including spectacular coral, sponge, and colorful fish through large, clear viewing windows. Before returning to the surface, the submarine descends to depths of 115 to 150 feet to view what has in the past been reserved for scuba divers only - a sunken shipwreck!

Try a new, fun and exciting snorkel experience using a special hand-held power "scooter", as you explore the wrecks and fauna of Carlisle Bay. The power snorkel scooter is simple to use and safe to operate. After a few minutes orientation, your guide will lead you on a fascinating tour over wrecks that date from the early 1900's to the late 1900's.

If you want to go beyond snorkeling but are still not ready for scuba diving try Snuba. This safe and easy diving system does not require the use of heavy diving gear or certification.

Whether you don a scuba tank, snorkel, take a ride on a semi-submersible or submarine, treat yourself and discover one of our best kept secrets, the spectacular beauty that is underwater Barbados.

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