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Kid's Activities

arbados is also a kids' paradise and a great destination for families, as there are plenty of fun filled and exciting activities for all ages to do and see at any time of the year.

The island offers children a chance to explore from marine life to wildlife. Submarine trips and Marine Aquarium visits are available, as well as kids-friendly dive shops. These are all great experiences for kids as they see the great beauty of the marine life and are taught about the coral reefs and the variety of exotic fish that live in the clear waters.

The shimmering Caribbean Sea will beckon any child and what better way to get there than on the Jolly Roger pirate ship adventure cruise, one of the most popular fun pleasure cruises in Barbados.

Watersports offer a wide range of activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, and swimming lessons. Vacation water camps are available for kids all ages and which from all reports are lots of fun.

Back to shore the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary is home to hundreds of species of beautiful birds and animals. This wildlife habitat includes the island's largest inland lake, as well as ponds and wading pools, marshes and mangroves, two enormous walk-through aviaries. It's interesting, educational, peaceful, and a delightful attraction for both adults and kids.

The Wildlife Reserve is another must see. There you'll find monkeys, tortoises, birds including the exotic flamingo as well as snakes. Most of the animals roam freely around the reserve. Kids especially enjoy the monkeys feeding time. Other outdoor activities include horseback riding in the countryside and some tour companies offer kids tours.

Of educational interest is a visit to the Barbados Museum for an Exhibition entitled 'Yesterday's Children.' This an entire gallery completely dedicated to children.

Kids' Club facilities and baby sitting services with professionally trained staff are available at some hotels but private babysitters can also be booked for visitors staying at accommodations without these services. Children-friendly restaurants, some with playgrounds are dotted around the island.

Barbados offers children so much and not to be forgotten of course are the beaches where hours can be spent simply playing on the lovely, white sand.

For those taking their family vacations or holidays in Barbados during the summer, you can check out the Crop Over Festival, where you can enjoy cultural events for both kids and adults, sample local delicacies and experience our bajan hospitality. You are always more than welcome to visit the Calypso Tents or to be part of the masquerading activities and parades by signing up for one of the adult Masquerade Bands or the Junior Kadooment Bands for the kiddies. Alternatively you can watch the spectacular parade of costumes from the sidelines with friends, family and locals. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a Caribbean Carnival with a difference!

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