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Fun Barbados - The Barbados Crop Over Festival

Fun Barbados - The Barbados Crop Over Festival

About Barbados: Culture: Crop Over
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Barbados' Crop Over Festival

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Scenes of Crop Over
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he Crop Over Festival in Barbados which ends with the spectacular Carnival/Kadooment Parade, is the season used to celebrate the ending of the local Sugar Cane harvest, and is distinctly unique from the Carnival festivities in other Caribbean countries.

Many "old time" elements like the local cultural characters mix with modern additions to give this festival a character unlike any other in the Caribbean. Celebrations are not only vibrantly colourful and full of music, but also reveal all aspects of Barbadian culture, a mixture of African survival heritage and Western modern culture through exhibitions of art, craft, music, and dance. Barbados' Crop Over Festival Activities and Events are many and varied with plenty of things to do for everyone's taste.

The Fun Barbados Crop Over Guide has compiled all the information on Crop Over Activities & Events, you will need to have the best Carnival in Barbados.

DURATION - The Barbados Crop Over Festival spreads over period of approximately (12) weeks from the month of May through to August.
Although not the official start of the festival, the popular Crop Over Cavalcades, a cultural talent showcase, were designed to create hype for the festival in communities in the parishes of Barbados. Dates & Details...

Pre Crop Over Parties/Events,
Kadooment Band Fetes, Costume Launches, Crop Over Fetes, Calypso Tents, Mini Carnivals and After-work Limes, also play a significant role in creating hype for the Crop Over Season in Barbados. Many of these events are themed and sometimes last from dust 'til dawn. Dates & Details...

National Cultural Foundation (NCF) - Agency responsible for the festival

The Thanksgiving Service followed by the "Crop Over Opening Gala & the Ceremonial Delivery of the last Canes" which is preceded by a Parade, is the official start of the Barbados Crop Over Festival Season and the end of the Sugar Cane Crop harvesting Season. Date & Details...

Fun Barbados - The Barbados Crop Over FestivalARTS - The Crop Over "Visual Arts Festival" & its exhibitions play an important part in the Photography and Arts & Craft community, by annually exhibiting the skills of talented bajans of all ages, both amateurs and professionals. The annual "Read In" features local and international artistes and takes on a multi-media format where artistes use music, dance and visual aids to embellish their spoken word performances. Workshops usually surround these events to assist Literary Arts in Barbados. Dates & Details...

CULTURE, HERITAGE & FOLK - For those who want learn more about Barbados' Heritage and Culture, there are a number of events educating and showcasing just that. Some of these events are "Historic Bridgetown Heritage Tours & Walks", the "Heritage Lectures", the Crop Over "Heritage Feast" and the Ceremonial Delivery of the last Canes. Other cultural events include Speightstown Market, Bridgetown Market, Garden Parties, Flower Festivals and Folk Concerts. Dates & Details...

STEEL PAN - Thanks to the NCF, the Steel Pan community in recent years has become more involved in the festival through Steel Pan competitions and Pan Concerts such as "Pan Fusion", "Pan In De City", and "Pan Pun De Sand", just to name some of them. Dates & Details...

CALYPSO COMPETITIONS - Calypso music and calypso competitions are a huge part of the Crop Over Festival. Calypsonians, comedians and local entertainment can be seen in action in a variety of adult and junior Calypso Tents scattered all over the island. The airwaves are filled with lots of quality calypso music from artists in every part of Barbados. Every performer is judged on their social commentary or party songs for the Pic-O-De-Crop and Party Monarch competitions in Barbados.

The first competition which features social commentary is the Pic-O-De-Crop Semi-Finals., The finalists will then meet on the last Friday night before the end of the festival at the Pic-O-De-Crop Finals where the Calypso Monarch is crowned. Dates & Details...

Fun Barbados - The Barbados Crop Over FestivalAmong the most popular events of the season is the Soca Royale, which is not to be missed. This is where the most popular party songs from the tents and airwaves are judged in competition for the title of Party Monarch and Sweet Soca Monarch. Date & Details...

The last lap weekend is the climax of the festival and every minute is accounted for. Friday night sees the start of the finals of the Pic-O-De-Crop Competition; here you will hear mainly social commentary. Eight finalists compete at a tension filled Kensington Stadium for the title of Calypso Monarch.

FOR THE KIDS - Children also play a part in the Crop over celebrations in Barbados. The Junior Kadooment sees the young revellers on the streets parading in costume to the National Stadium as well as the Junior Calypso Monarch, a competition celebrating the young talent our island has to offer and the voices of tomorrow's calypsonians. More Family/Kids friendly events...

THE BIG CROP OVER WEEKEND! (Last weekend leading up to Grand Kadooment/Carnival Day)
Friday Night, after the Pic-O-De-Crop Finals, there is the Foreday Morning Jump Up held in the early hours of Saturday morning, which is a much cooler option to the heat of Kadooment Day. After the Foreday Morning Jam you can hit the beach and create your own sunrise beach party.

Fun Barbados - The Barbados Crop Over FestivalSaturday, if you still have energy left, you may want to stay on for Bridgetown Market, a (3) Day event and the biggest cultural street fair in the Caribbean.

Sunday night is the Crop Over Cohobblopot in Barbados, one of the biggest and most exciting events of the season. Date & Details...

Monday is Grand Kadooment Day/Carnival in Barbados, the culmination of the Crop Over Festival. This is a spectacular daytime street carnival & parade, and where the Tune-Of-The-Crop or Road March Song is judged.

... See all the Events on Barbados' Crop Over Festival Calendar!

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For those on Holiday or Vacationing in Barbados during the Crop Over Festival, here are some Crop Over Packages & Carnival Specials...

For more information - Contact The National Cultural Foundation (NCF)
Address: West Terrace, St. James.
Tel: (246) 424-0909

Your Guide to fun-filled Crop Over Holidays & Vacations in Barbados
Be part of this Barbados Carnival!

Fun Barbados - The Barbados Crop Over Festival

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