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Hidden secret treasures not visible through land tours, swaying cane fields and Barbados' gorgeous landscape will loom into sight on your Aerial Tour & Sky Adventure, as you fly over the island on a Flight-seeing Island Tour.

In Barbados Flight-seeing Guided AIR TOURS is a unique and exhilarating way of touring the Island, as you discover Barbados' lush countryside and awesome coastline. This is truly a fascinating experience with plenty of photo opportunities as well as giving you a totally different outlook of the island.

As you soar over the island, you can compare the tranquil beauty of the shimmering waters and gorgeous beaches of the Caribbean Sea on the west coast, to the breathtaking east and north coast, where you will see the rugged magnificence of the Atlantic coastline with its pounding surf. Blow holes, sea caves, gullies and the strangely shaped rock formations of the east become visible.

On flightseeing Helicopter Tours well trained and experienced pilots will direct you to the points of interest on your scenic tour. From take off to landing you will be enthralled by the ultimate adventure of discovery, as the beauty of Barbados unfolds before your eyes in the air, through a "Flight-seeing Air Tour."

When in Barbados aerial views can also be enjoyed through a number of Aerial Adventures & Thrills, which give visitors the opportunity to experience nature in an exciting new way. These aerial thrills can include from award-winning zipline eco-adventures and canopy tours, parasailing, skydiving and micro-light flight tours, to other outdoor adventures like tree-top obstacle courses, jungle bridges, and swinging & climbing adventures.

Aerial Adventures & Scenic Flightseeing Island Tours in Barbados

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