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Cricket in Barbados is rated the No. 1 sport and is played all year round, whether on the beach, on a field or in the streets, it is enjoyed by all.

Fun Barbados - Cricket in Barbados Cricket is considered the national sport of Barbados and the West Indies because of the energy of the Cricket Festivals and party atmosphere surrounding the sport. Especially with the locals and visitors picnicking on the grounds, munching on local cuisine and being bowled over with hits of rum.

The characters at cricket also add to the entertainment with their attire, music and comedy. One of the popular characters is Mac Fingal, an entertainer and avid cricket fan. Mac along with his small band keeps the many fans in the stands entertained. All this has no doubt made Barbados one the favourite Cricketing Destinations in the Caribbean.

For a little Island, Barbados has produced some of the greatest Cricketing Legends in the world and hence the attraction from so many touring teams (clubs, school, universities, etc.). Names like Gordon Greenidge, Charlie Griffith, Seymour Nurse, Desmond Haynes, Malcolm Marshall, Joel Garner, Sir Clyde Walcott, Sir Everton Weekes, Sir Frank Worrell and of course the greatest all rounder ever Sir Garfield Sobers, these are some of the greats of all time and are still active in the development of Cricket in Barbados and the region, that is those who are still with us. Many greats from all over the world and home have left their mark on the Kensington Oval.

Barbados has many cricket grounds but the most famous is Kensington Oval which existed since 1871 and is located approximately 1 mile from the Capital Bridgetown. This Oval for centuries has been home to International Cricket in Barbados.

Fun Barbados - Cricket in Barbados

In 2005 the Oval was demolished making way for the new transformed ultra modern stadium which was officially re-opened on 17th February 2007 for ICC Cricket World Cup 2007.

Kensington Oval in Barbados have been known for its historic matches and entertaining atmosphere, since its first match in 1882, the first touring side in 1895 and its first test in 1930 against England. Despite all the changes to Kensington Oval to make it the best Cricket ground in the region, the memories of past of great matches and spectacular performances by Cricketing Legends from all over will never be forgotten.

Organised Cricket in Barbados
The first cricket organisation in Barbados was formed in 1892 and was called the Barbados Cricket Challenge Cup Committee. In 1933 the Barbados Cricket Association was then established.

The Barbados Cricket Association is responsible for organizing cricket from the Under-13 Juniors level to Test matches level; this is all coordinated with the West Indies Cricket Board. There are 128 teams representing 82 Clubs competing in the BCA's Competitions.

Unofficially Sports Tourism probably started around the 1860's when cricket teams were invited from the region and USA to compete against local teams.

So if you want to enjoy a great cricket experience, music and culture, while vacationing on a fun tropical island and relaxing on beautiful beaches, then Barbados is the place to be.

Barbados Cricket Seasons
Domestic: May - December
Regional First Class: January - March
International Season: March - June

BARBADOS CRICKET FIXTURES/MATCHES - Click here for full Cricket Calendar

Fun Barbaods - Cricket in Barbados

Barbados Cricket DivisionsOther Cricket Tournaments/Championships
First Division WICB Under-19 One Day Championship
Sagicor Cup WICB Womens 50-Over Tournament
Sagicor Twenty20 WICB Under-19 Three-Day Championship
Sagicor Shield Keith Boyce Memorial Tournament
Upper Intermediate English Counties Cup
Intermediate Foundation Joel Garner Twenty20
Under 13 Iris Walker Memorial Series
Under 15 WICB Regional 50-Over Tournament
Under 17 WICB Twenty20 Championship
Under 19 ICC West Indies Under-19
Goddards School Division ICC World T20
School Division CLOBI International T20 Championship
Second Division WICB Presidents Cup

Bristol Club UWI (University of the West Indies)
Carlton Club more info... Barbados Youth
Empire Club Barbados Youth A
Banks Sports Club more info... Barbados Youth B
Bayville Club Schools South
St Catherine Club Schools North
Cable & Wireless Sports Club Combined Schools
Police Club BDF (Barbados Defense Force)
Maple Club BDFYP (Youth Programme)
Spartan Club BDFSP (Sports Programme)
Wanderers Club more info... YMPC (Young Men’s Progressive Club)
Pickwick Club LIME
Dover Club BCL (Barbados Cricket League)

3Ws Oval - Cave Hill, St Michael
Banks Sports Club Grounds
- Wildey, St Michael
Carlton Cricket Ground -
Black Rock, St Michael
Cable & Wireless Cricket Ground - Wildey, St Michael
Conrad Hunte Cricket Ground
- St Andrew
Kensington Oval
- Fontabelle, St Michael
King George V Park
- Lucas Street, St Philip
Queen’s Park Grounds -
Constitution Road, St Michael
Rices Playing Field -
St Philip
Wanderers Cricket Ground -
Dayrells Road, Christ Church
Weymouth Playing Field
- Roebuck Street, St Michael
Windward Cricket Club
- Lucas Street, St Philip
YMPC Cricket Ground
- Bayville, St Michael

Sir Garfield Sobers Statue
Sir Frank Worrell Bust
Three/3ws Monument

Cricket Legends of Barbados Cricket Museum

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