Bridgetown Barbados Capital City

Today BRIDGETOWN in Barbados is a vibrant city with an atmosphere that represents the Industry and the pulse of the people. The look of Bridgetown incorporates historic buildings and sites, with modern offices and shopping malls, which gives it a unique blend.

Bridgetown is the capital of Barbados and the main commercial centre where you'll find banks, shops, duty free shopping, bars and restaurants. It is the largest and liveliest city in Barbados. 

It is also home of the Bridgetown Port which is a major port of entry for both cruise and cargo ships docking in Barbados, and is the central hub for the island's public transport system. Broad Street, the main street, runs directly through the centre of the city. Broad Street passes the Parliament Buildings and serves as the centre of the city's shopping area.

The Public Buildings located in the heart of the city directly north of National Heroes Square (formerly Trafalgar Square), houses the third oldest continuous parliament in the British Commonwealth. Indeed, at one point in the city's early history, Bridgetown was the most important city of all British possessions in the New World due to the city's easterly location in the Caribbean region. 

The Bridgetown story began on July 5th 1628, when the site was chosen for its harbour by Charles Wolverston, the soon to be Governor, along with the second group of settlers to the island. The harbours at the Careenage and Carlisle Bay gave it supremacy over Holetown which was settled a year earlier.

The name Bridgetown came from its original title 'the Indian Bridge Towne' which refers to a primitively constructed bridge left by the Amerindians, built over the Careenage river. In later years it was called 'the bridge', 'the Bridge Town' and 'St. Michael Town'.

Street names date back to the city's founding and commemorate prominent early settlers including the surveyor - Swan, who laid out the town and whose name is attached to the city's secondary street, Swan Street. Today they aren't many buildings dating before the 1840s because of fires and hurricanes during the 1600's and 1700's. 
This town has proudly played host to many famous people such as Winston Churchill, Queen Elizabeth II and George Washington. Bridgetown is the only city outside continental North America that George Washington ever visited. 

Bridgetown can be found on the South-west Coast of Barbados in the Parish of St Michael. 
Barbados has now joined the elite list of Countries with a UNESCO World Heritage Property

The Official Inscription Ceremony commemorating Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
- June 13th 2012 ...Click here to find out more about Bridgetown & its Garrison

Historic Bridgetown in Barbados
A UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Historic Bridgetown World Heritage Vacations & Tropical Island Holidays
Things to Do & See in the Bridgetown Area

TOUR OPTIONS for the Historic Bridgetown Area & its Garrison:

 Shopping in Bridgetown Barbados
Stores usually open:
MON to FRI: 8:30/9am until 4:30/5pm 
SAT: 8:30/9am until 1/2pm

 Bridgetown Shopping Areas                       Bridgetown Shopping Malls

Broad Street (Duty free shopping & more) Norman Centre - Broad St.
Swan Street (Bargain shopping & more) The Colonnade(DaCostas Mall) - Broad St.  
Roebuck Street (Bargain shopping & more) Mall 34 - Broad St.
Tudor Street (Bargain shopping & more) Beckwith Mall - Broad St  
Cheapside Street (Market shopping & more) City Centre - Chapel St  
Fairchild Street (Market shopping & more) Pelican Village Craft Centre 

Banking Facilities in Bridgetown
Banks usually open:
MON to THUR: 8am until 3pm 
FRI: 8am until 5pm

Banks & ATMS in the Bridgetown area

Best time to visit the City of Bridgetown

Usually around 9am is the best time to go into Bridgetown, just after the morning rush hour traffic, and before the midday heat. This way you can do your shopping in the morning, have some lunch, and still have free time to spend on the beach.

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For Bus Terminals in Bridgetown (Routes & Schedules) Click here! 
(Locations - Princess Alice Highway & Fairchild Street) 


Bars/Rum Shops/Restaurants

In the Bridgetown area                       Near/Outskirts/Outlying areas

Chefette Restaurants Hilton - Careenage Bar & Grille
Barbecue Barn Restaurant Hilton - Lighthouse Terrace Restaurant 
Ideal Restaurant @ Cave Shepherd Hilton - Water’s Edge Beach Bar
Tim's Restaurant & Bar Dockside At Tiami Bar & Restaurant
Mustor’s Restaurant & Bar Weisers Beach Bar & Restaurant
Ismay's Rum Shop Bar & Restaurant Brown Sugar Restaurant
Jolly Roger Tavern Super Q Bar (formerly De Port Hole)
Waterfront Cafe Wicket Keeper Bar & Grill
The Boatyard Beach Club Legends Pavilion Bar & Bistro
Copacabana Beach Bar & Grill  
Harbour Lights Beach Club  
Pirate's Cove Beach Bar & Grill  

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Accommodations in the Bridgetown area (Near/Outskirts/Outlying areas)   

Nautilus Beach Apartments Island Inn Hotel
Savannah Beach Hotel Amaryllis Beach Resort
Coconut Court Beach Hotel Resort Freshwater Bay Apartments

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Nightlife in the Bridgetown area (Near/Outskirts/Outlying areas)   

Cavans Lane Nelson Street
Bay Street Baxters Road
Suttle Street   

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Beaches in the Bridgetown area (Near/Outskirts/Outlying areas) 

 Adventure Beach         Daiquiri Beach         Carlisle Bay         Brandons Beach

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Weekly Things to do in Bridgetown!

Monday Tour, Shop or take photos of the historic buildings & sites
Bridgetown Walking Tours available at the Jolly Roger Tavern
Tuesday Visit Swan Street and do some bargain shopping
Bridgetown Walking Tours available at the Jolly Roger Tavern
Wednesday Popular Cruise ship day! Visit Broad Street for your Duty-free Shopping
Bridgetown Walking Tours available at the Jolly Roger Tavern
Thursday Take photos, tour or shop, then head to the Cavans Lane for a Catamaran Cruise or Fishing Trip
Bridgetown Walking Tours available at the Jolly Roger Tavern
The Characters Of Bridgetown Huckster Walking Tour
Friday After your shopping and tour of the city, go over to The Boatyard and Adventure beach or the Jolly Roger Tavern for a fun time & happy hour
Bridgetown Walking Tours available at the Jolly Roger Tavern
Saturday Busy shopping day for locals:: Good day for visitors to mingle with bajans, especially in the Market and at the restaurants, bars, and rum shops in the area
Sunday Stores closed today:: Best day for a full Bridgetown Tour and taking photos of historic buildings and sights

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