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Barbados Windows to the Sea

In Barbados, Windows to the Sea are Beaches located along coastal highways offering roadside beach views or ocean views.

It is usually a large or small portion of vacant or unoccupied land stretching from the highway/road to the beach.
Sometimes Windows to the Sea can just be a beach located on the roadside.

As long as there is a beach view from the highway/roadside between buildings it is considered a Window-to-the-Sea.


Below the Fun Barbados Beach guide has listed all the Windows to the Sea left on the island

Click on name of Beach for more information:


West Coast Windows to the Sea

Carlisle Bay - St. Michael

Brandons Beach- St. Michael

Mahogany Bay - St. James

St. Alban's Beach / Carlton Beach / Tropicana - St. James

Speightstown Bay - St. Peter

Six Men's Bay - St. Peter

South Coast Windows to the Sea

Carlisle Bay - St. Michael

Brownes Beach - St. Michael

Hasting's Rocks Beach - Christ Church

Accra Beach / Rockley Beach- Christ Church

St. Lawrence Bay - Christ Church

Golden Sands Beach - Christ Church

Welches Beach - Christ Church

Oistins Beach - Christ Church

East Coast Windows to the Sea

Bathsheba Beach - St. Joseph

Cattlewash Beach - St. Joseph

Barclays Park Beach - St. Andrew

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